Why Malaysian Vape Juices are value for money?

Well, what is Malaysia famous for? Malaysia is famous for their tourism, variety of food & our beloved Petronas Twin Tower. It is a 1,483-foot skyscrapers at one time were the world’s tallest buildings and remain the tallest twin skyscraper in the world.

Malaysia does not only take pride for having huge varieties of foods, but Malaysia also take pride for their vape presence in the international market.



Malaysia is considered to be one of the best countries to produce the best e-juice flavours in the world. Malaysian juice has won many awards in international expo. The honorable mention would be Nasty JuiceMohawk & Co and many more.

A standout category is Malaysia’s fruit-flavoured vape juices, considered the finest of the lot. The Malaysian fruity is the heavy favorite by many countries because our local brewer are able to use high quality local raw flavouring to make the e-juice.


In Malaysia we don’t only take pride for our varieties of food, but we also take pride in having huge varieties of e-liquids in the market. Malaysia has approximately 3,000 brewers in the market & more than 5,000 e-liquids of flavors in total. Due to the high competitive nature of this industry in Malaysia, brewers will tend to come out with new packaging and providing with a bigger bottles for the same price charged to the customer.


Due to the depreciation of the Malaysian ringgit as compared to US dollar, Malaysian e-juices would be cheaper to buy right now. Cheaper e-juice without compromising the quality of the e-juice would be a pretty good deal for everyone.

If you are a big fan of Malaysian juices, better take action to stock up now as the currency is in your favor. Browse our Flavor in our website for more information and get our flavor in the store around you now!

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